Everything is already invented. But, is it?

Disclaimer: This post is a rant. A nasty one, by the way. I just read a Reddit thread: "Doesn't it feel like everything is already invented?" (*read with a mocking whinny voice). I plead guilty, I've thought this before; hell, I might even have said it out loud. But this is bullshit. Here's why. After … Sigue leyendo Everything is already invented. But, is it?

If Aristotle were a Founder.

I used to hate my philosophy and ethics courses back in high school. Fast-forward five years and I can truly say, I'm thinking about philosophy on a daily basis. I'm almost obsessed. But let me do some clarification first. I'm not going to talk about metaphysics, and other abstract stuff in here. I'm interested in … Sigue leyendo If Aristotle were a Founder.

Know your Term Sheet! (Pt.2: Economics)

Last week I wrote about the Control part of a Term Sheet. Today, I'll talk about the Economics of it. Disclaimer: This is part is way longer, so let's just go straight into it. Economic Terms involve all of those clauses that will dictate the outcome of the investment, financially speaking. At a future liquidity event, what … Sigue leyendo Know your Term Sheet! (Pt.2: Economics)

Know your Term Sheet! (Pt.1: Control)

Quick fun riddle: What smells like money, talks like money, and looks like money, yet it is not? Term sheets, bro.   Now, there are two things to be aware of: Economics and Control. In this first part, I'll talk about Control Terms. Control is what allows investors to exercise some type of influence and … Sigue leyendo Know your Term Sheet! (Pt.1: Control)

Yogome. A stepping stone.

I remember when I first read this story: Mexican.vc returns 8x the fund's value to its investors, thanks to Yogome's exit. I was thrilled. It was going to be one of the first success cases of a Mexican startup. The ecosystem was going to grow at a faster pace, international investors and corporations would turn … Sigue leyendo Yogome. A stepping stone.

Redwood Ventures: Guadalajara Venture Capital Pioneers.

Redwood Ventures (http://redwood.ventures/) is killing it in the Mexican west-coast Venture Capital scene. That's where I've been working, for the last two months. I've lived my whole life in Guadalajara, and I've seen quite a lot of talent, but it has been quiet. For almost-every successful and well-known startup in Mexico City, there's an equally … Sigue leyendo Redwood Ventures: Guadalajara Venture Capital Pioneers.