Everything is already invented. But, is it?

Disclaimer: This post is a rant. A nasty one, by the way. I just read a Reddit thread: "Doesn't it feel like everything is already invented?" (*read with a mocking whinny voice). I plead guilty, I've thought this before; hell, I might even have said it out loud. But this is bullshit. Here's why. After … Sigue leyendo Everything is already invented. But, is it?

If Aristotle were a Founder.

I used to hate my philosophy and ethics courses back in high school. Fast-forward five years and I can truly say, I'm thinking about philosophy on a daily basis. I'm almost obsessed. But let me do some clarification first. I'm not going to talk about metaphysics, and other abstract stuff in here. I'm interested in … Sigue leyendo If Aristotle were a Founder.

Yogome. A stepping stone.

I remember when I first read this story: Mexican.vc returns 8x the fund's value to its investors, thanks to Yogome's exit. I was thrilled. It was going to be one of the first success cases of a Mexican startup. The ecosystem was going to grow at a faster pace, international investors and corporations would turn … Sigue leyendo Yogome. A stepping stone.

Suck less as an entrepreneur by reading these 5 books!

Reading is one of those things the most successful people have in common. My theory is that reading is kind of like watching those funny fail videos with a "how not-to" tutorial attached next to it. An experienced author has already gone through the things they wrote about in their book (hopefully), and she's basically … Sigue leyendo Suck less as an entrepreneur by reading these 5 books!