What makes a great Venture Capitalist?

Wearing Patagonia Vests, Brooks Brothers Khakis and Allbirds sneakers does not make you a good Venture Capitalist. That's just what is already expected from you. But if you want to stand out in the ecosystem, here are the top six traits I've observed most great VC's have: Curious: In my perspective this is the main personality … Sigue leyendo What makes a great Venture Capitalist?

Jalisco, leading Healthtech Hub.

Guadalajara is thriving, people. And not just in terms of Fintech and consumer software. Home of several great talent pools and universities, such as UdeG, UAG and Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Healthcare industry is finding its way to the top, thanks to entrepreneurs willing and able to develop the technology that will drive the improvement … Sigue leyendo Jalisco, leading Healthtech Hub.

Everything is already invented. But, is it?

Disclaimer: This post is a rant. A nasty one, by the way. I just read a Reddit thread: "Doesn't it feel like everything is already invented?" (*read with a mocking whinny voice). I plead guilty, I've thought this before; hell, I might even have said it out loud. But this is bullshit. Here's why. After … Sigue leyendo Everything is already invented. But, is it?

If Aristotle were a Founder.

I used to hate my philosophy and ethics courses back in high school. Fast-forward five years and I can truly say, I'm thinking about philosophy on a daily basis. I'm almost obsessed. But let me do some clarification first. I'm not going to talk about metaphysics, and other abstract stuff in here. I'm interested in … Sigue leyendo If Aristotle were a Founder.