Why I write and why you should, too.


A couple of people have been contacting me through inbox and DM’s telling me they like my blog and either asking me for advice to start theirs or asking me if they should even start one.

Here’s my short answer: YES.

Here’s my long answer:

Why I started Writing?

  1. To be honest, I’ve always thought that I have something people would like to hear. Maybe I’m wrong, but the very fact of believing that my posts are important to people (and getting the appreciation from them, as little as it might seem) had such an impact on my mind that it turned into a new passion for writing and communicating.
  2. It also helped declutter my mind from thoughts taking space in my head. Yo! I’m a real over-thinker and sometimes I get lost on my own thoughts. Writing has helped me translate those abstract concepts onto real things, and my mind is set free from them because now I don’t have to keep them on my mind 24/7. If I want to go back to my own thoughts and memories, I just have to read my own posts.
  3. I can start conversations with many people at the same time, and perhaps leaving some advice, learnings or food for thought in their minds; with the hope of having a positive impact on other people’s lives.
  4. I’m learning more through teaching others. Trust me, I have to do tons of research and reading before posting something! And when I say tons, I mean it! I have to check spelling (english is not my first language, so I get to improve my written english skills), I have to double check facts, I have to research new concepts and subjects; and overall I have to make sure whatever I’ve learned is true. When I write about term sheets, or down rounds, even though my day to day involves dealing with those concepts, I still have to make sure I’m writing truthful and valid content through researching things I’m supposed to know already. Learn through teaching.

Why You should, too?

  1. Working as a VC, I always think my work is about people more than numbers. I find people’s minds fascinating, everyone has their own past, background, learnings, interests, etc., is just so amazing to be able to see what’s inside someone’s mind and what he or she has been through; and the only way this can be done is through reading their own words.
  2. If your content is written in an interesting way, and your audience happens to be substantial enough, you could become an opinion leader. Making lasting and impactful changes in people’s lives in certain areas.
  3. People will ask you about your writing journey and you’ll pass on the benefits and improvements of becoming a part-time writer (or even full-time).

Quick little post. I just had to declutter my mind. So, there you go.

Start writing, friends.

– VC.


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