Jalisco, leading Healthtech Hub.


Guadalajara is thriving, people. And not just in terms of Fintech and consumer software.

Home of several great talent pools and universities, such as UdeG, UAG and Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Healthcare industry is finding its way to the top, thanks to entrepreneurs willing and able to develop the technology that will drive the improvement of this sector; and with it the health and peace of mind of millions of people.

Overall, Mexico is currently one of the main economies driving the change in the health technology sector. It is almost the solely manufacturer of health devices across Latin America, and just within two years (from 2018-2020), it is expected to grow at an amazing rate of 5.3%, faster pace than most developed nations including Japan, the US, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. 

Jalisco is one of the main states leading the way. The following startups are just a few of the vast universe of companies creating amazing stuff to improve the processes within the sector, and the people’s quality of life.

startups_ jalisco (1).png

Sunu (https://www.sunu.io/)

Cool-looking wristband that helps blind or visually impaired people move freely and confidently. It combines cutting edge VR and radar technology to detect and analyze the environment, notifying and alerting users when something is in the way.

Unima (https://www.unima.com.mx/)

Unima is the king when it comes to diagnosing infectious diseases quickly and inexpensively. It just takes a drop of blood, a diagnostic paper strip and a camera phone to be able to identify what’s going on with the patient. Of course, the technology is a lot more complex behind the scene, but its easiness to use is what users love about it.

ECGlobe (https://www.ecglove.com/)

These guys found a way to your heart. Cheesy, but true. They developed a glove that provides insights on the patient’s heart state by just pressing it against his/her chest. It is the perfect portable electrocardiogram, bro!

Miyabi Labs (http://miyabilabs.com/)

ADHD is a real thing, people. Miyabi Labs is aiming at improving this issue by immersing patients in a VR based game, in order to improve their focus and evaluate their performance. Seriously! Where were these guys when I was a kid?

Neuroauxilium (http://neuroauxilium.com/)

No pain-killers. Non invasive. No side-effects. If you suffer from migraine, be it acute or chronic, you definitely need to try out the neuroestimulation treatment from Neuroauxilium. On top of that, they’re also taking advantage of their technology to treat ocular diseases (such as macular degeneration, myopia, astigmatism, among others).

Verum VR Medical (http://www.verumvrmedical.com/

Here’s one for the future generation of physicians. Verum uses the power of Virtual Reality technology in order to teach and explain medical concepts, surgical procedures and disease treatments from an 3D and clear visual perspective. Way beyond traditional healthcare textbooks, sister.

Vital Advanced (https://www.medisist.com.mx/vital-advanced)

Medisist put together a system that combines telemedicine, mobile software, internet of things and other technologies in order to create this 360º medical platform. They provide services such as 24/7 monitoring, and assistance, as well as interactive online medical records and interconnectivity with biomedical devices. No time to lose.

Labinnova (http://www.labinnova.com.mx/)

Forget about invasive, uncomfortable, expensive lab tests. Labinnova allows patients to test for breast cancer through a sample of their breath. Sounds crazy. It’s true. The company developed a system and an algorithm to identify components of this pathology in more efficient way. Say bye to uncomfortable boob-grabbing methods.

I find this industry fascinating. I find people doing these breakthroughs genius. Stay tuned if you want to find more Mexican talent disrupting old industries.

Jalisco is going big, baby.

– VC.






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