Everything is already invented. But, is it?


Disclaimer: This post is a rant. A nasty one, by the way.

I just read a Reddit thread: “Doesn’t it feel like everything is already invented?” (*read with a mocking whinny voice).

I plead guilty, I’ve thought this before; hell, I might even have said it out loud. But this is bullshit. Here’s why.

After working on a VC firm for around two months, I’ve come to develop certain preferences for some industries and startups. Coming from a medical professionals family, and having experienced certain illnesses firsthand, I’m quite passionate about healthcare. I seriously believe technology is going to change people’s lives, and I don’t mean in a “bring-your-Starbucks-home” kind of life change; I mean, “cure-some-horrible-diseases” type of change.

By doing some diligence processes and researching the medical market, I’ve come to realize how inefficient, and behindhand this industry is.

So, aspiring entrepreneur, this exercise is for you. Stop whatever your doing right now, and focus on doing this mindfully.

  1. Breath deeply.
  2. Look around you.
  3. Think of all the people in your surroundings.
  4. Imagine what type of health concerns they might be experiencing.
  5. Realize there’s still tons of shit to be done, and that NO, not everything is done already.

Maybe everything that isn’t that risky is already done. Maybe all products that do not require high barriers of entry have been invented. Maybe markets are already saturated by traditional businesses. But hey, there are many problems out there that need to be solved. I used the healthcare industry to portray this concept, because that’s what I like the most and that’s where I think a lot of opportunity is still available for bright entrepreneurs; but there are many other industries with many inefficient processes, issues and weaknesses: financial inclusion and poverty, energy and polluting materials, mobility, etc.

Some people say it’s harder to be an entrepreneur nowadays because it requires more specific skills to be successful. Maybe, maybe not. But do not blame your imagined utopia for your lack of practical skills or work.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be that rude. I warned you it was going to be a nasty rant. You can either get offended by it, or get something productive from it.

Work harder.

– VC.


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