Redwood Ventures: Guadalajara Venture Capital Pioneers.

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Redwood Ventures ( is killing it in the Mexican west-coast Venture Capital scene. That’s where I’ve been working, for the last two months.

I’ve lived my whole life in Guadalajara, and I’ve seen quite a lot of talent, but it has been quiet. For almost-every successful and well-known startup in Mexico City, there’s an equally successful but less-known Tapatio representative.

That’s why Redwood was born. Usually, people think of Guadalajara as a city for traditional commerce, Real Estate and slow-but-steady family businesses. But the younger generations have been shaking things up. Guadalajara is officially a world-class emerging tech hub.

Redwood is pioneering as one of the first institutional VC funds to explore the region.

What’s awesome about Redwood Ventures is that they support their portfolio companies by getting mentoring, advice and attention from the fund’s LPs, who happen to be extremely successful Mexican businessmen.

Redwood Ventures considers itself a startup helping other startups thrive, and it is being recognized by the deep involvement with the companies they choose to back up (and even the ones they don’t).

I’m sure the upcoming talented entrepreneurs, startups and technology in Guadalajara are here to stay and to change the game; and Redwood Ventures is going to be the one to launch them to the stars (and profit on their way up, as a by-product).

Watch closely.

– VC.


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