Suck less as an entrepreneur by reading these 5 books!


Reading is one of those things the most successful people have in common.

My theory is that reading is kind of like watching those funny fail videos with a “how not-to” tutorial attached next to it.

An experienced author has already gone through the things they wrote about in their book (hopefully), and she’s basically telling you how to avoid the mistakes she did before. This could save you a lot of time, frustration and potentially, money. It’s like investing only $30 dollars on information that will help you avoid a mistake that could save you thousands, if not millions. That’s a great ROI to me!

I’ve been reading a lot the last few months; around 3 books per month. And I’ve finally read enough to have my own “Top 5 Must Read Books For Entrepreneurs” list. So here they are:

  1. Zero to One – Peter Thiel
    • Definitely, my favorite book. Not only about entrepreneurship, but probably overall. It talks about transcendent stuff. It tells entrepreneurs to make a difference, by working on something that will leave a lasting mark in world, and not only marginally improving an already existing commodity or adding no extra value to the supply chain. It also talks a bit about marketing the product, and being a great entrepreneur. MUST read, definitely.
  2. Rework – Jason Fried & David H.
    • My personality type is ENTP, also known as The Debater. Basically, I love playing devil’s advocate, sometimes to the point where people actually get mad at me (I am not bragging about this, by the way). The point is, that I absolutely loved this book, because that’s basically what it does. It plays devil’s advocate to the preconceived notions most people have about starting a company. It defies people’s theory about marketing budgets, launch dates, failing as something good (I actually wrote a blog post about failure, inspired by this book).
  3. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
    • You’ve probably read this book before. Or at least, heard about it, right? Right?! Well if you haven’t, it’s time you save some money and go buy this book from your preferred book store. This is like the modern entrepreneur’s sacred bible. What I liked about it, is that it teaches you practical stuff, and not just air filled words, or cheap advice. It actually tells you step by step, how to start, develop and manage a startup. I made the mistake of reading this one too late; after I had already made many of the mistakes this book was trying to warn me about. True story, sad story.
  4. Way of the Wolf – Jordan Belfort
    • I loved Leo DiCaprio’s role on this guy’s movie, but what I loved the most was that Jordan Belfort, actually wrote most of the sales scripts you see in it. He’s an absolute beast when it comes to selling something, and his book tells you step by step processes for selling a product or service. I found amazing, how he has describing an actual tonality, and I could picture in my head how it sounded! I was mind blown. This is the best book I’ve read about sales so far, and oh boy, I’ve read a couple of those.
  5. The Obstacle is The Way – Ryan Holiday
    • This one might sound weird to you. Like, why should an entrepreneur read philosophy, right?… WRONG! Stoicism might be an ancient philosophy, but its practicality is just astounding. It fits perfectly the entrepreneur’s mental toughness and resilience he should posses in order to go through so many rejections and sh*t, and still be able to get ahead of them. Of course, I love the classics (Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius), but Holiday just nails it by bringing those ancient thoughts and weird grammar to the present and narrating relatable scenarios to portray the abstract concept behind them.

If you want some more book recommendations, hit me up!

I love reading.

– VC.


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