First month as a rookie VC

First month as an Investment Analyst at a VC firm. I can now certainly say: this is what I signed up for! I love my job.

I was afraid that the leap from being an entrepreneur to going back to a regular office space, with no ping-pong tables and colorful walls, and having someone to respond to, would be quite difficult to bear, but it wasn’t.

My day-to-day looks something like this: first, after having done some exercise before work, I head up to the office, which is a cool co-working space with free coffee and beer all day, every day. I grab a cup of coffee and start responding e-mails to entrepreneurs and GP’s, before an entrepreneur shows up at the office and pitches us on their startup.

Then I’d work on the investment memo’s, valuation models and due diligence of the companies that were approved by the GP’s. I just feel like my inherent curiosity and eagerness to learn is being fulfilled here. One day I’d be researching the medical industry and learning new healthcare and anatomy terms, and the next one I’d be learning about drones, hardware and new tech jargon.

The very fact of listening to the most motivated, interesting and knowledgeable people around the globe on a daily basis makes my job worth all the paper-work I have to do from time to time.

I plan on going back to the race myself, and building something from scratch based on an issue I identify could have a potentially profitable solution, but until now, I’ll keep learning about best business practices and different industries.

I’ll keep on writing here.

– VC.



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