elite Growth & venture principles for latAm Startups.

I launched (and crashed) two startups. I joined a venture capital fund and analyzed dozens of companies. Now, I work at scaling a high-growth startup. Always in LatAm.

This is the advice I wish I had back then. Theory and practice. No BS.

I was Contxto.

I was Contxto. If you asked Victor Cortés who he was a year ago, perhaps the first and only thing he would have answered was


Hello World!

What is all this hype about? I’m back. That’s what’s all about. Not that I really went anywhere. I’m actually physically in the same place,

Victor Cortes


Welcome to my crib, folks! This is your boy, Victor Cortés, currently Director of Partnerships & Growth at Tribal, host of Tracción and casual poker player. I’m also the former CEO and founder of Contxto. If you’re into startups, growth, venture capital, marketing and everything in-between, you’ve found your place.